Sonya M. Fitzmaurice

Writer, dreamer, creative soul.

Sonya’s work is published in Victoria Magazine, Tatler, Handmade Business, and A Beaded Life through craft and commentary. Her former incarnations as a knitwear designer, jewelry artist, and entrepreneur afford a creative depth and diverse portfolio.

She is always imaginative and equally captivated by larger-than-life contemporary art as the delicate pink peonies in her garden. She sees the meaning in each neighboring detail – color, texture, the mix of elements. Inspiration is found everywhere, and everything speaks to her as a creator. 

She has always drawn pretty pictures. Her kindergarten teacher predicted she would “do well in an artistic field” as an adult. At fourteen, A Midsummer Night’s Dream became a reality when asked to sketch and create all the costumes for a children’s production of the Shakespeare classic. A bit daunting was the task, not because she lacked confidence, but at the time, she didn’t own a sewing machine. It was a good thing she knew how to thread a needle.


After four years at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, graduating with high honors and two degrees, knitwear became her cozy niche, designing for Catharine Lover, Carlos Arias, and the Anne Klein license under Colette Mordo. Her designs have been featured numerous times in WWD, Saks, and Neiman Marcus.

Saks Folio racked braid linen
Saks Folio racked braid linen.