Sonya M. Fitzmaurice

Sonya is a writer who weaves her experiences as a designer, artist, and entrepreneur into captivating narratives. Her work graces the pages of Victoria Magazine, Tatler, Handmade Business, and A Beaded Life, reflecting not just craft but insightful commentary.

Sonya’s creative wellspring overflows with inspiration, from the grandeur of contemporary art to the delicate beauty of a peony in her garden. She possesses a keen eye for detail, finding meaning in the interplay of color, texture, and composition. Everything around her speaks to her creative spirit.

Her artistic journey began with “pretty pictures” in kindergarten, where her teacher foresaw a future in the arts. At 14, Sonya’s talent blossomed when she was entrusted with sketching and creating costumes for a children’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The lack of a sewing machine didn’t deter her; armed with a needle and thread, she brought the costumes to life.

Four years at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology honed her skills, and she graduated with honors and two degrees. Sonya carved a niche for herself in knitwear design, collaborating with renowned names like Catharine Lover, Carlos Arias, and the Anne Klein license under Colette Mordo. Her designs garnered recognition, gracing the pages of WWD and finding a place in Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

Sonya’s story exemplifies the multifaceted nature of creativity. Her experiences as a designer inform her writing, while her artistic sensibilities translate into captivating prose. She is a testament to the power of finding inspiration in the every day, transforming the world around her into a tapestry of creative expression.



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