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The idea began with a moth, delicate wings vying for attention as she flew through a moonlit dream. A beacon of feminine energy, transformation, and faith, the divine message touched Sonya’s creative spirit. As a jewelry designer guided by her gut feelings, Sonya knew it was time to branch out her one-of-a-kind jewelry collection to offer A Little Something® new. Under the Velvet Moon™ is an exclusive limited-edition line of unique talisman necklaces. With handmade glass beads, Sonya lampworks herself, each hand-carved moon’s story reflects the colors and phases embodied in the piece. Each is a luminary created to guide with clarity and tender inspiration.

Each story is different and unique to become a personal token worn with intention.

Find your magic Under the Velvet Moon™


handcrafted artisan jewelry

Artisan jewelry that is one-of-a-kind beautiful. The jewelry collection conveys a brilliant statement of style for the discerning woman who values individuality.

The Collections

color and Composition

Each adornment is an exclusive mix of carefully crafted Deux-coupage™ and lampwork glass, all handmade by artisan Sonya M. Fitzmaurice.

One of a kind beautiful


Like life itself, the craft is personal. Past and present artfully combine to strike a balance. All the jewelry details are vital and create magic.

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the artisan JEWELRY collection 

Find pieces that satisfy a craving for discovery and bring joy to everyday dressing.


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Custom Design Available


Jewelry pieces can always be personally commissioned. Collaborative opportunities abound.

Wholesale orders and stockists welcome. Connect for more details.

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