Selene necklace


Full Moon (eyes open) hand-carved bison bone cabochon set in copper with pewter, ivory, slate, amber, and speckled silver handmade lampwork glass beads, antique silver chain, and magnetic closure at back. This necklace is 29″ long.

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Your story of luminescence begins here.

Selene is your full moon talisman. A goddess, open eyes, sprinkled with silver, her fairy dust will illuminate the magic around you. A face smooth and soft, carved of bison bone, her energy brings joy and grace by way of swirling cosmic color. Selene promotes synchronicity, a true and honest voyage of self-discovery. She encourages alignment with life through gratitude and love. Thrive in harmony and fulfill a life purpose with Selene as your guide.

Each talisman necklace comes boxed with her own watercolor story card and drawstring pouch.

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Dimensions 29 in