Avani necklace


Sun and Moon hand-carved bison bone cabochon set in copper with bark, smoke, and amber handmade lampwork glass beads, copper metal, wood, tiger’s eye beads, and magnetic closure at back. This necklace is 18″ long.

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Your story of luminescence begins here.

Avani is your combined sun and moon talisman. She is of the good earth, rooted in nature, a balanced blend of metal, wood, and shine. Both faces with open eyes see and show the way home to your true self. Avani is carved of bison bone, your unique token of bravery, and aids in facing the dualities of your spirit. She reminds you to remain steadfast in goals. Her copper casing strengthens her power for synchronicity. Guiding you to feel your roots deep within, Avani encourages a sense of belonging and growth.

Each talisman necklace comes boxed with her own watercolor story card and drawstring pouch.

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Dimensions 18 in